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Under the Tree - School for Life

Director: Manuel Zimmer
Director Assistant: Biljana Garvanlieva
Camera: Jan Lehmann
Editor: Matthias Costantini
Sound Design: Roman Strack
Narrator: Viktor Pavel
Production Company: Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion

The first "School for Life" was founded nearby Chiang Mai, a town in Northern Thailand, one and a half years ago. More than 50 orphans found a new home here with the possibility to attend daily school classes.

In the near future, in the region of Namkem in Southern Thailand, a second "School for Life" will be constructed. The region in Southern Thailand was completely destroyed by the Tsunami 2004. The new school will take care of children, who are massively affected by the flood.

The education considers the local and regional conditions and the children learn to create their lives with new ideas. The documentary accompanies the beginning of the project and presents its extraordinary pedagogical concept.